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Battery Storage & Inverters

We supply and Install Battery Storage & Inverter Systems to both the Domestic and Commercial Markets.


Solar battery storage is the most innovative way to make substantial savings on your energy bill while at the same time giving back to the planet. It pays to be eco-friendly with the potential to remove your home or business from the electricity grid.

Solar panels generate electricity, but they cannot store it. Until the development of battery storage and inverter technology this meant that electricity generated was sold back to the grid, meaning minimum advantage to the household or business.

 This is thankfully no longer the case and the electricity generated can now be stored and used for the full benefit of the consumer.

 The benefits of Solar, Battery Storage and Inverter technology are huge.  Our aim is to listen to our customer, understand their hopes for now and the future and propose the best solution for their individual requirements.


My Green Power offer:

  • Free independent advice.
  • No obligation free technical factfind and survey.
  • Peace of mind that we only work in conjunction with the leading industry products and innovations.
  • Full manufacturers warranty delivery.
  • Set-up and system commissioning.
  • All installs carried out by our own qualified and registered tradesman

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Manufacturers Supplied

We have direct supply links with world class manufacturers
Solar Edge
Why people choose My Green Power
We are an independent supplier and installer of both Domestic and Commercial Green Energy products. Our aim is to help you make your home or business as green as possible. .
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Varied choice
Industry leading products from high quality manufacturers.
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Fully covered
All products covered by full manufacturer warranty.
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Fully qualified
Installations carried out by fully qualified engineers.
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No obligation
We'll carry out a free no obligation survey and give our best advice.

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