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About EV Charging

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is made easier by working with the experts.


The future of motoring

Electric cars make travel cheaper, greener and simpler.  They are powered by electricity, rather then petrol or diesel, and need to be charged up.  Electric vehicle (EV) charging points are one of the most in demand electrical innovations in the UK today.

The British government have announced the ban on production of all petrol and diesel sales from 2030. This is part of the UKs 10 point plan and commitment to tackle the worldwide issue of climate change. To comply with this, all leading vehicle manufacturers have committed to a overhaul of future production of the full range of road vehicles.


Join the Electric Vehicle Revolution

Public charging points are becoming more common, but having an EV charger at your home or workplace is more convenient and gives you lower charging costs.

Let My Green Power help you save up to 80% off your travel costs by starting your journey on the electric vehicle revolution.

Working with mygreenpower will give you peace of mind that you are working with the North East of England’s leading supplier and installer of domestic and commercial EV charging points.


Why people choose My Green Power
We are an independent supplier and installer of both Domestic and Commercial Green Energy products. Our aim is to help you make your home or business as green as possible. .
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Varied choice
Industry leading products from high quality manufacturers.
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Fully covered
All products covered by full manufacturer warranty.
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Fully qualified
Installations carried out by fully qualified engineers.
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No obligation
We'll carry out a free no obligation survey and give our best advice.

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