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We Supply and Install EV Chargers for Homes and Businesses


Electric vehicle (EV) chargers are devices that are used to recharge the batteries of electric vehicles. These chargers are an essential component of EVs, as they allow the vehicles to be powered up and ready to go. EV chargers come in a variety of styles and sizes, and they can be installed in a variety of locations, including homes, businesses, and public charging stations.

How Do EV Chargers Work?

EV chargers work by providing a source of electricity to the vehicle's battery. This electricity is typically supplied through a standard electrical outlet, but some chargers are also able to use specialized connectors and cables. The charging process itself is typically managed by the vehicle's on-board computer, which monitors the battery's charge level and determines how much electricity is needed to fully recharge the battery.

Electric cars make travel cheaper, greener and simpler.

Let My Green Power help you save up to 80% off your travel costs by starting your journey on the electric vehicle revolution.  Working with mygreenpower will give you peace of mind that you are working with the North East of England’s leading supplier and installer of domestic and commercial EV charging points.

Manufacturers Supplied

We have direct supply links with world class manufacturers
Project EV
Rolec EV
Sync EV
Why people choose My Green Power
We are an independent supplier and installer of both Domestic and Commercial Green Energy products. Our aim is to help you make your home or business as green as possible. .
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Industry leading products from high quality manufacturers.
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All products covered by full manufacturer warranty.
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Installations carried out by fully qualified engineers.
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