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Where Should I Put My EV Charger


Where Should I Put My EV Charger

In the garage?  On the street?  Where is the best place to put your EV charger?

Electric vehicles get faster charging speeds and better safety with professionally installed electric chargers, but where should you put it?

Somewhere with wifi signal

The EV charger will communicate with your smartphone app, so it needs to be connected to your home wifi, somewhere with a good wifi signal.

Where you park the most

Where do you usually park the car? Will it be in a different place overnight? Your EV charge point needs to be within reach of the car when you want to charge it up.

Close to the EV charging point 

Electric car chargers can be mounted to exterior walls, in a garage, or near to where you park, so have a look to see if there's something suitabvle at your property.

Where is the charge point on the car?

Electric vehicle charge ports can be at the front, back or side of the vehicle, so have a look and make sure that the charging cable is long enough to reach the car withouth it being a tripping hazard.

For a free, no obligation survey please contact us, and we can advise you on where to put your Ev charger.

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